At Choice Awareness our SERVICES center on having conversations with you and your staff, either by telephone or in face-to-face one-on-one or one-to-many group meetings and workshops, and/or via live internet webinars and also off-site intensive sessions.

In all of these encounters, we use CAM Products and other materials which help you gain insight, awareness -- then understanding about a particular subject, topic, idea and/or concept.

Our Teaching Belief

It is vitally important that we not tell you how to do things but rather question you, all the while pointing to ideas/concepts, and then stay with you until you gain your own insight about it: we will drive you to understanding at varying levels using our processes.

In this manner, your understanding and what it means to you becomes your own - not ours. That is why we keep you in an inquiry until it comes present for you. Remember that our answers for you, is for you to get it!!!

(Wisdom Sidebar) We have experienced consultant answer(s) that are neither supportive, sustaining or effective simply because the business owner's, leadership teams and players didn't accept the answer as part of their belief system (this will guarantee failure).

You are Your Own Expert

Our service quality delivery and uniqueness about this approach is founded with time-tested education: we point to Socrates and Plato among others for the techniques. This approach may be considered unusual in some parts of the world today: some people want the experts to tell them what to do.

We want you to think for yourself and further develop your own innate talents and skills - you are your own expert.

We perceive you as your own subject matter experts, along with your teams so we spend our time focusing you and them to get it done; our objective is to remove the stoppages and overcome the breakdowns that naturally occur within your business. These stoppages and breakdowns typically exist inside the beliefs present in people and businesses.

Now for those of you that may question this inquiry process, let us help you understand that we have both breadth and depth of experience in various domains, disciplines and industries, which allows us to form unique questions and target your thinking to have the important things come present for you. This requires great expertise on our part to accomplish this - and you will gain from the experience of it. We invite you to experiment with our concepts by exploring some of our ideas on this subject by clicking on Learn More...

Our Services Approach

If you asked one hundred people what they thought business coaching/mentoring services entailed, you would get one hundred different answers, because the approach and results attained will be different for each person.

However, for the purpose of providing a foundational coaching/mentoring definition, we and our colleagues define it at an introductory high-level perspective as:

Facilitating people in their own commitment and enthusiasm to accomplish their objectives”.

Tex Johnston Quote

what To expect from us

We offer a starter set of ideas and related results which you may find insightful as:

  1. Revealing what is by listening and keen observation - then giving you feedback

  2. Accessing and providing artful and intelligent inquiry - your answers are your keys,

  3. Distilling complex challenges into easily understood concepts - we point to ideas and concepts which will help you,

  4. Uncovering an individual’s characteristics to expose their talents and excellence - highlighting these for you to understand,

  5. Elevating language to increase individual effectiveness - showing you how to do this,

  6. Coupling actions to purpose, while strengthening people, process and results - helping you create your own beliefs and choices architecture,

  7. Evolving interrelatedness while affecting people and their networks/connections - giving you the why, what and how of it,

  8. Creating behaviors which help produce trust, loyalty and intimacy to deepen relationships - showing you the way to this.

Each one of the key ideas and results are based upon a relationship that operates upon trust and confidentiality.

EXplore us further Right Now

Take a moment to sample our offerings to attain a flavor of what we can provide for you:

  1. Mentoring Services - jump and fast start business services

  2. Coaching Programs - available for individuals and groups

  3. Webinars - jump start knowledge transfer

  4. Workshops - get you moving in an effective direction for change

We have defined two very important key success factors which provide guidelines for how to conduct manage and monitor progress either for you individually or inside your teams and groups:

  1. Accountability  - our unique definition with strategies and characteristics to consider

  2. Excellence - our perspective on this important topic and the measure of it.

If you would like to determine how this might work for you, take a look at Our Basics....


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