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At Choice Awareness we have a practice of identifying what hero's mean to us and how they affect our lives - we search for those qualities and incorporate them into our own lives - then share them with you.


They become models for us and we will show you how to create your own models.

Hero's Inspire

How many of you have heroes? How many of you recognize the impact of hero's?

Do you understand why they are important, and how they can affect you? What qualities do they possess and how can those qualities be used in your daily life to inspire you?

Do you know how you would apply them and would that be a helpful process to undertake? How many people do you know that have accomplished this task? Would you believe us, if we told you not many?

That is one of the reason’s we have created the CAM Inspiration Model™: which can be used to great affect toward answering those tough questions above.

You may remember childhood heroes like your parents, teachers, movie stars, historical figures, etc.

Who could not suggest the qualities possessed by a key Christian child, Jesus Christ, are worthy of implementation in someone’s life? The first heroic quality that comes to mind, would be sacrifice. You can name your own examples and that is the point – identify them for yourself.

This model is one of the components of the CAM Framework Foundation™ and is intended to be the delivery mechanism of the fuel and energy, metaphorically speaking, to ignite your soul or life-force. We are actually using this component for maintaining motion in your life. It is for this reason alone, that this model becomes crucial to your success in staying active. This will become apparent in short order.

How it Works

This process is normally undertaken in a telehone conversation, webinar or workshop and is directed by instruction. Examples are provided, complete with answers of some known and traditional hero's.

  • (Wisdom Sidebar) Our Hero series will be relased in video and webniar form in the near future, probably in the third or fourth quarter of 2014 - check our Important Notices Page for up-coming releases...

It matters not whether your hero's are living or dead, real or imaginary, mythical or historical. It matters that you can identify who they are, the qualities they possess, and the applicability of the qualities and what meaning they hold for you.

CAM Framework - Inspiration ModelThe inspirational model, shown close by, is intended to have one detail the hero’s which you would aspire to become.

They could be hero’s that have already inspired you and/or continue to do so.

This exercise is intended as a healthy process and is not designed to have one fixate or idolize the hero. But, to bring clarity to your hero's, so that you can emulate their characteristics and apply the positives to your own life.

Identify Your Hero'sInspiration Model - Circle 1: Hero Identification

We call this first process “Hero Identity 1” depicted in the first circle, and we ask the questions: 1):”Who are your hero’s?”; and 2) “Why are they your hero’s?”. The answers to these questions are normally very detailed, so we have provided a form to accomplish this interesting task.

It is not an easy exercise because the answers exist in various characteristics you have grown accustomed to, and/or you haven’t given much thought to this subject in the past. There are probably many more situations you can name. This first process will bring present your hero's.

Defining the Hero Qualities

Inspiration Model - Circle 2: Hero QualitiesIn the second process, one defines all the related heroic characteristics:  we call “Hero Qualities - 2, depicted in circle two. We ask questions: 1) "What are the qualities the hero's possess?"; and 2) "How do those qualities affect you and others?". Again, we provide a form to help focus your thinking, classifications and determinations of the affects. This is probably the most difficult part of the exercise and requires some real rigor in capturing those qualities. Examples of qualities include: perseverance, brilliance, strength, compassion, etc. Yet, how you apply them to your life is the more difficult part of the exercise.

Can You Apply Them to Your Own Life?Inspiration Model - Circle 3: Hero Aspirations

The most important aspect of this learning model is the final process, we call “Hero Aspirations - 3”, depicted in circle three. The final effort involves more questioning: "Where can you apply the heroic characteristics?"; and 2) "When and how can they be implemented to benefit your own life?". This final action set can have an immediate impact in your own life. We provide a form for answering the questions and the end outcome can actually be a visual display which you can post in your office, or carry with you for easy access. 

This is a highlight of the inspirational model, but one can easily perceive how this might be used to continue to inspire you and keep your energies high.

Who do you know that has accomplished this creative task? We are interested in what percentage of your family, friends and colleagues have accomplished this exciting process before? From our own casual unscientific review, we believe the numbers probably represent less than 2% of the population actually participate in these kinds of creative endeavors.


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