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Intended Outcomes

At Choice Awareness we help you define outcomes for yourself and your teams.

Our methods are purposefully designed around having possibility come present - it's our Mission.

(Wisdom Sidebar) While that may sound like a big claim, we have the experience and the related evidence to support our statement.

We publish evidentiary blog articles which will help expand your ideas about beliefs and choices along with defining what it can mean to you.

The data published is part of our inspection and review disciplines.

We monitor and analyze designed beliefs to determine “What Works” and “What Doesn’t Work”.

This is the Management component of our Beliefs & Choices Methodology.

Designing and Creating Outcomes

Most people don’t have experience in defining results for themselves, other than some ordinary life-making selections such as friends, classmates, schools & colleges to attend someday in the distant future, sports and extra-curricular activities in which to participate, maybe an idea for some state or country to live, and a committed relationship of some kind - sound pretty regular?

Hopes or Wishes

We have found many times that these regular selections mentioned above are but loose outcomes and/or unclear results similar to hopes or wishes, which usually are under articulated or ill defined intangibles: a skeletal bone structure with few organs, some muscle, but not completely fleshed.

If this sounds about on-point for you, you are probably among the 80% (we are being overly kind with the percentage) of individuals that have no clear pathway, no defined purpose or clue about how to go about defining any or all of the important needs for your life.

Perhaps, you feel like the can being kicked down the street - you are the can and someone else is doing the kicking. In addition to this frustration or concern, you may heighten these emotions by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Who do I want to be?

  2. What do I want to do?

  3. Where do I do it?

  4. Who do I do it with?, and

  5. Why do I do it?

There is absolutely no reason to feel bad or overly concerned about this basic set of inquires because we have some more questions and we will help you find your answers


Have you heard of our Quick Personal Reviews before? We think not!



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