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At Choice Awareness we ask many questions of you to help you gain perspective and awareness about where you are along the way of your personal or business On-Purpose life.

We pose questions of ourselves and you to help us see things more clearly.

Some of then are tough questions like "So What?".

We have attempted to answer this one asked over ten times - pretty difficult.

Yet, we have found that the questions we ask in our Quick Reviews high-light where you are in our journey of being On-Purpose. 

The Value of Questions

Our coaching & mentoring models has us asking questions of you, normally in live interactive forums: it could be over the Internet with our workshops, in a telephone conversation, through one of our videos, or face-to-face.

Yet, there is another alternative that has proven very effective - the short questionnaire.

The two powerful questionnaires present today have been compiled after years of working with different individuals, businesses, and groups of people.

Ponder Our Questions Now

These two types  will get you thinking: potentially get other things moving quickly for you too. They are:

  1. 10 Important Personal Questions and

  2. 15 important Business Questions, with

  3. More to come in the future...

These questionnaires are simple to answer and score - it will take you about 30 minutes to answer either one.

Go ahead try them and see what comes up for you...


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