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An Aspirant

At Choice Awareness along the way of our development, we thought of different ways to be inspired. We wanted this for ourselves first, then for you.

Background Flavor

We sought out numerous ways: researching stories of people and their heroic actions, or learning about the standard-bearers who have become Moral Exemplar's, and reading about all sorts of historic events.

And, we can't forget the deliverers of "Paradigm Shift's" (Thank you Thomas Kuhn) which now seem to come from multiple domains, while pushing the compass needle north and setting new revolutions in motion.

We looked deeply and analyzed principles as a starting point, which encouraged us to continue seeking more ideas and alternatives. We were convinced that if we kept our minds on the spirit and language of inspiration, new ideas would come present over time. And...

The sense of it Showed-Up

To help us understand the universe of business coaching/mentoring and the competitive landscape, we engaged Kelly Conway. His report back to us was extensive and allowed an explanation of the market space, but more importantly the concept of an Aspirant, albeit in a somewhat different context.

It was exactly the insight that we needed: we gained an epiphany about what was possible with the concept and it resonated with us instantly.

Consequently for us, our evolving thinking about inspiration became a horizon point of view, much like a vision statement has you peek forward into your future. We were able to craft our own unique meaning of it.

Our DEFINITION of an Aspirant

Within the context of an individual where "Your Life is Worth Living" or for a business where "Your Business is Worth Growing"  our definition of an Aspirant is as follows:

"We are people who together consistently aspire, remain engaged in excellence, discovery and worthy experiences which expand ourselves and others, all the while committed to beliefs, choices, actions and results which forward our purposeful living and our businesses".

CAM Definition 2006

We invite you to ponder what we have defined here for a few moments: evaluating for yourself if the definition is something that you can stand inside.

We invite you to explore more about our ideas for an aspirant:

  1. Introducing the Aspirant's Creed - what this can mean for you on a daily basis.

  2. Aspirant's Qualities - those characteristics which define an Aspirant.

  3. Intimate Intentions - the Author's story behind the design and creation of the Aspirant's Creed.


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